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Certified and trusted Invoicing software

Issue certified invoices on a stable and secure platform that issues more than a million invoices per month

Issue invoices in a simple but powerful way

We automate data entry whenever possible to reduce the manual work required;

  1. From first time use, you can create an invoice without any setup. Create a new customer or product directly from the invoicing page;
  2. Obtain information regarding new customers automatically: Legal name, address, postcode, etc. just by filling in the Tax Identifier;
  3. Exchange rates are constantly updated from the European Central Bank;
  4. Choose commonly used defaults for saving time: Information such as products, issue dates, payment dates, grounds for VAT exemptions, categories, and cost centers can all be configured to be initially filled in with the most frequently used options;
  5. Create documents efficiently using only a few keyboard shortcuts.

Send invoice by email with just one click

When closing an invoice, you can immediately send it to the customer. Just click on the "SEND" button and the platform automatically fills the email with the customer’s details. You can also edit the text, subject and send to multiple email addresses in one go.

Sending invoices by email
Confirm receipt of invoice by email
Invoice with mb ref

Issue invoices with Multibanco reference and save time on reconciliations

You can provide the payment method directly on the invoice and as soon as the invoice is paid, the banking movement will be matched with the invoice. You just need to activate our integration with LusoPay.

The most commonly used tax documents

The most common tax documents that businesses generally need to issue.

  • IN - Invoice
  • SI - Simplified Invoice
  • RI - Receipt Invoice
  • PF - Pro-forma
  • Q - Quotation
  • CN - Credit Note
  • DN - Debit Note
  • PO - Purchase Order
  • WB - Waybill
  • CN - Consignment Note
  • REC - Receipt

Issue invoices in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese

The platform is also available in PT and EN

Send data automatically to the AT

You can choose between exporting the SAF-T file and sending it manually on the Tax Authority portal or configuring an automatic delivery of documents to the Tax Authority (AT), thus avoiding the need to do this every month. You just need to confirm that the delivery was successful.

Whenever you close or cancel a document, we immediately inform the AT. This saves you the trouble of having to export the SAF-T file every month.


US Dollar

2.30 (US)

Multi-currency invoicing

Invoices on the platform are always issued in EUROS, but it is possible to add a conversion rate for other currencies.

Magnifinance suggests a value automatically with reference to the official European Central Bank rate, but you can also change the exchange rate to the rate agreed with your customer or supplier.

Your invoices can be personalised with an image of your company

A certified and personalised invoice is always important to show the customer a high level of professionalism.

Add your logo on all tax documents, include remarks in the footer, and add your company details such as IBAN, BIC or SWIFT.


Different printing formats

You can use two formats: A4 and counterfoil format. To switch between formats, just choose the format in the invoicing series.

With the counterfoil format selected, you can print your invoices on a thermal printer.

QR code updated according to AT rules fiber_new

According to Ordinance 195/2020 of the Portuguese Tax Authority, a QR Code is required beginning January 1st, 2022.

Besides invoicing, you also need to analyse your sales

Upon issuing an invoice, you can assign Cost Centre and category codes to the invoice lines. By doing so, you will be able to fully analyse your sales using the Pivot tool.

With a Pivot table, you are able to measure the performance of a sales team, analyse if a department is making a profit or loss, among countless other possibilities, by combining a set of filters according to your needs and extracting the information to an Excel file.

A manager must always have the necessary information to take business decisions with maximum confidence.

Issue invoices and search documents anywhere through phonefiber_new

Our mobile application is a simple and efficient invoicing platform. It makes it easier for anyone who needs to issue documents and send them to a client no matter where they are. It allows you to easily find your invoices and download them in PDF whenever you need them. You can also export your SAF-T files to send to the accounting or submit it directly to the tax authority wherever you are.

With a much lower cost than the Web platform, it is a good option for those who only need to issue a few invoices each month or it can also be a great complement to the use of the Web platform. With the MagniFinance mobile invoicing application you can:

  1. Issue invoices and other tax documents wherever you are;
  2. Export SAF-T files wherever you are;
  3. Export a SAF-T wherever you are;
  4. Use advanced filters to search for documents.

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Create invoices on Iphone with MagniFinance. Go to the Apple Store Create invoices on Andorid with MagniFinance. Go to the Android Store

Automation of bulk invoicing

If you need to issue a large amount of invoices, you can always use our API. Renowned companies entrust their daily operations to MagniFinance. You can also rely on us.

Invoicing API customers:  Uber, Bird, Acciona, SGS, Cooltra, Zaask, Landing Jobs, Showroomprive

Different permissions for different business features

Financial manager

Users with “cashier” permissions can, for example, create documents, but cannot alter the prices or discounts. They can also view their own documents. They do not have access to bank details, account balances, and cannot change any platform settings.


These users can create an unlimited number of documents with no data restrictions, and can also report expenses, but can only view their own documents. They do not have access to banking movements.


These users have full access to all the platform’s functions. Unlimited Invoicing permissions, expense reporting, viewing of documents, movements and advanced financial analyses.

E-invoicing with Electronic data interchange: Our Integration allows you to automate the communication of invoices to public entities

E-invoicing is mandatory for companies that work with public entities. That's why we've developed an integration with an EDI provider service that will allow you to send the data to public entitties without effort, avoiding manually exportation of your documents.

You can configure which type of documents you want to send. Configure which entities you want to communicate. After the integration is active, every time you close a document, we automatically send the document to the EDI provider to be communicated to the public entities. You will be able to consult your entire history of communicated documents, the date and the status of the communication.

To know how you to activate the integration, contact our customer support team.

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