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Plans & Prices

Financial Management Platform

All-in-one plan with all the features that you will need for a successful financial management, no restrictions. Unlimited certified invoicing. Take full control of your company's cashflow. You will find all the main platform features listed below:

18.90€ + VAT

Monthly, under the annual subscription plan


Expense management

Reconciliation of banking movements with documents

Financial analysis and reports

Platform settings

Other services

Mobile application for invoicing and expense control

For companies that are already clients and use MagniFinance on the web, the mobile application allows total synchronization with the Web platform and gives the managers more mobility to issue documents anywhere and even report expenses in a faster way. It allows them to always have all the company documents at hand and at any time, know which documents are paid and which are unpaid.

For those who do not have a subscription on the Web platform, they can also use the mobile application as a complete and easy invocing solution for a small business. Create unlimited invoices, expenses and export the SAF-T file to declare VAT to the tax authority. Below you can see the main mobile application features:

2.91€ + VAT

Monthly, under the annual subscription plan

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Mobile application features:

API for Automatic Invoicing

An invoicing API to integrate with your application, website or system. The MagniFinance API allows you to automate the issuing of your business invoices and other documents.

Note: To subscribe to the API you must have a subscription to our Financial Management Platform.

+9.90€ /Month + VAT

Annual subscription plan

Other services

* For invoicing greater than 1,000 invoices per month, please contact our online customer support team and ask for a quotation

Invoicing Platform for Partner Networks

Automate all your business invoicing flows, invoices issued by your company and partner companies or individuals.

Take advantage of our experience and automate all document exchange processes with high standards of reliability and quality.

Information, Quotations, Demonstrations.

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